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Clothes Washer Troubleshooting

To keep your wardrobe looking clean and fresh, here are some maintenance tips for your washer.

Taking Good Care of Your Washer

If your washer won't spin or vibrates heavily, your load may be too big or not balanced evenly.
Make sure the faucets are totally open, screens in the water inlet valve are not clogged. Hoses aren't clogged or kinked.
Too much soap can result in leaks and blocked drains. To reduce the suds, pour half cup white vinegar mixed with some cold water in the washer. Next time, use less detergent (try low-suds detergent) especially if you have soft water.

Problem Potential Solutions
Your washer doesn't work.
Check to be sure your plugged in or that you don't have a defective cord.
Check to see if you have a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. Replace fuses or turn the circuit breaker back on.
Make sure you don't have a kinked water hose or clogged drain.
Your washer doesn't fill completely.
Clean or replace water inlet screens.
If you have clogged filters, check the inlet hose filters and clean them.
Straighten kinks in the water supply hoses.
Your timer or temperature selector could be defective and need to be replaced.
The washer doesn't agitate.
Your drive belt may need to be tightened or replaced.
You may need to replace the agitator solenoid.
The washers not spinning.
You may need to tighten or replace a loose or broken drive belt.
You may have a malfunctioning lid safety switch, timer or spin solenoid.
The washers not draining.
Your drain pump could be stuck or broken. Clear jam or replace pump.
The washer vibrates excessively.
Your machine or load in the machine may not be level. Adjust the leveling feet under the machine or redistribute the clothes evenly in the machine.
You could have a defective snubber that needs to be replaced.
Tighten the basket's hold-down nut.
If your basket is worn, it needs to be replaced.
The washer won't shut off.
The air hose could be disconnected. Reconnect it to the water level switch.
Replace a broken water inlet valve.
The washer fills with water but the motor doesn't start.
If motor is making a humming noise, clear any jams in pump or replace a malfunctioning motor.
The overload protector could be tripped or broken. Reduce the wash load. Let the protector reset and replace if defective.
The water won't stop running.
Disconnect the overflow switch and the hose. Replace the water hose.
You could have a defective overflow switch that needs to be replaced.
Your timer could be malfunctioning. Replace the timer.
It could be a damaged mixing valve that needs to be replaced.
The tub fills with water but the machine doesn't run.
Check for a tripped lid safety switch. Make sure the lid is closed and check the switch.
If there's too much laundry in the tub, check the switch.
To check for a defective motor, take some things out and wait 15 minutes for the motor to reset.
You may have a defective timer.
The motor runs but the machine doesn't spin or agitate.
Check for a loose or busted drive belt. Tighten belt or replace.
You could have broken gears or transmission.
The washer leaks.
Check and tighten a loose hose connection or replace broken hoses.
Check the gaskets, They will need to be replaced if damaged.
Check the mixing valve for cracks. Cracked mixing valves will need to be replaced.
Pump could be defective.
Could be a defective overflow switch or sensor.
The washer won't drain.
Make sure the drain hose is not kinked.
Drain hose could be too high. The hose cannot be emptying more than 3 feet above the floor.
Replace a defective timer.
Drain pump could be stuck.
The washer doesn't get hot enough.
Check your water heater. If it's too low, reset the thermostat to 140-160 degrees F.
Water supply hoses could be poorly connected, reverse the connection.
You could have a defective mixing valve or timer that needs to be replaced.

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