If your taking apart the disposal or working on electrical connections, shut off power at the main disconnect. Never put your hand in the disposal! Use pliers or tongs to remove an object. Never pour a chemical drain cleaner into your disposal. Never put glass, metal or rubber in your disposal.
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Every home, home appliance and system is different as are the problems that can affect them. Accordingly, the tips referenced here are meant only as suggestions to be considered for the listed problems. Appliance Express can not be responsible for any damages arising from any actions or inactions taken pursuant to tips provided herein.

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Garbage Disposal Troubleshooting

Nothings worse in the kitchen then a garbage disposal that's not running properly. Most issues usually are a result of jams, clogs or an occasional leak. The best thing you can do for your disposal is to run cold water as you use your disposal and for about a minute afterward. Disposals vary, so refer to your owner's manual for specifics.

Helpful hints for common problems:

If your unit makes a loud whirling noise or stops, it is jammed. Turn it off and wait five minutes. Firmly press the reset button on the bottom of the motor housing. (Machines without buttons reset automatically.)
See if it's designed to be cleared from below. It may have a small crank or a socket for an Allen wrench to turn the flywheel. It may have a reversing switch. If you can't find any of these, angle a broom handle against an impeller blade and work the blade back and forth until the jam clears. Then press the reset button.


To clear a clog, disassemble the trap and use a snake.
One or more seals could be worn and needing replacement.

Problem Potential Solutions
Your disposal is making a lot of noise.
You may have a metal object (i.e. silverware) in the disposal. clear out the object with tongs or forceps. Do Not Use Your Hands!
The mounting screws could be loose and need to be tightened.
Your flyweight could be broken, tighten the drain flanges or replace the drain gasket.
The motor could be malfunctioning and need to be replaced.
A slow draining disposal.
Run more cold water when using the disposal.
The drain could be clogged. Flush with hot water to remove any grease clogs, then remove the drainpipe and clear it. Do not use harsh chemical agents.
The disposal might not be grinding finely enough. Replace a dull shredder ring or broken flyweights.
Your disposal will not stop.
On/off switch could be malfunctioning.
Your disposal keeps blowing a fuse.
You probably have too many other appliances plugged into its circuit. Consider installing a 15-amp circuit just for your disposal.
The motor runs but the drum doesn't spin.
The drum could be obstructed. Open the unit and look for any blockage around the drum.
The drive belt could be broken and needing replacement.
Check the idler wheel assembly and replace if necessary.
Check your work support wheel.
The motor hums, but the disposal doesn't grind.
Your flywheel could be jammed.
The motor bearings could be frozen and you will need to replace the entire unit.
The motor isn't even turning on.
Check the fuse box/circuit breaker. If the disposal is plugged into a wall outlet, check the outlet.
On/off switch could be defective. With continuous feed models you need to check the wall switch. With batch feed models you need to check the stopper switch.
You could have tripped the overload protector switch. Free the flywheel if it is jammed then hit the reset button.
Motor could be defective and needing replacement.
Leaking disposal.
Tighten the flanges holding the gaskets or replace the gaskets.
Look for loose connections around the drain, then tighten the drain flanges or replace the drain gasket.
Check for a damaged housing gasket. Replace the gasket.

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