Make sure your door gasket is sealing well. Try closing a dollar bill in the door. If you feel a resistance when you pull it out, the gasket is sealing. Repeat the test in several places. Replace the gasket if it does not pass this test.
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Refrigerator Troubleshooting

You can always call Appliance Express for 4 hour emergency refrigerator service. Here are some helpful tips to keep your fridge running smoothly.

Maintenance Tips

Keep the Drain Pan Clean
If you have an automatic defrosting refrigerator it is important to keep the drain and the drain pan clear. Water from the melting frost should flow through the floor drain and into a pan where it will evaporate. Food particles can clog the drain and cause odors. Here are some tips to clean your drain.

Remove the stopper.
Using a pipe cleaner or similar device, push any accumulations through to the drain pan below.
Use a solution made from soap, ammonia, and water through the drain.
Empty the pan and wash it.
Refrigerator Temperature Settings
Generally 37 degrees F is ideal for the refrigerator compartment and 0 degrees F for the freezer.


Problem Potential Solutions
Water leaks inside or under fridge.
Broken drain hose or drain pan. Replace.
Make sure the drain isn't clogged or the drain pan isn't full.
Bad Smell.
Drains could be clogged. Flush.
Clean and disinfect a dirty drain pan.
Making unusual noise.
Adjust the unit so it is level.
Drain pan is rattling. Move it so it doesn't come up against the sides.
Compressor mounts could need to be replaced.
Check the evaporator and compressor fans for obstructions.
Frost forms quickly or does not defrost at all.
Open the door as little as possible.
If door is sagging, straighten it for efficiency.
Replace a damaged door gasket.
Cover and seal all foods, especially liquids.
Clean clogged drains.
Units timer, heater and thermostat could need to be replaced.
Refrigerator isn't cooling well or is running constantly.
Make sure the thermostat is on the correct setting.
Clean condenser coils.
Replace damaged door gasket. Use the test described above.
Make sure the door is not sagging and losing cool air.
If you have heavy frost accumulation, defrost it more often.
Your refrigerator will run more in hot, humid weather.
Dry out any wet insulation on door and sides. Repair or replace broken door jambs or panels.
Move the refrigerator to a cooler place if the room is warm.
Evaporator or condenser fan could be broken or blocked. Free blades.
Defrost timer could be defective and need to be replaced.
Refrigerant could be low.
Unit is constantly turning on and off.
Wrong voltage could be reaching the fridge. Run the unit's own circuit. Check the voltage at the outlet.
Compressor could be defective.
Refrigerant could be leaking.
Clean dirty condenser coils.
Refrigerator has stopped operating, however, light is on and unit is clicking.
Clean dirty condenser coils.
In automatic defrost units check to make sure the condenser fan is running.
Your unit may not be getting the right voltage. Use a VOM to check the voltage. If it's not between 105 and 125 volts, call your power company.
Thermostat could have stopped working and needing replacement.
Compressor could be broken.
Your refrigerator has stopped running, no sound and lights.
Check the fuse box/circuit breaker. Check the outlet with a VOM or lamp. Put a fridge that blows fuses on its own circuit.
Make sure the power cord is not damaged.

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