Before doing any work, pull the plug. Turn off the gas supply at either the appliance shutoff or the main shutoff valve. Should you smell gas, get out of the house immediately and call your gas company.
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Every home, home appliance and system is different as are the problems that can affect them. Accordingly, the tips referenced here are meant only as suggestions to be considered for the listed problems. Appliance Express can not be responsible for any damages arising from any actions or inactions taken pursuant to tips provided herein.
front load dryer and washer maintenanceAppliance Tips
As part of our library of home Appliance repair tips, Appliance Express in Minneapolis-St. Paul brings you interesting facts and helpful advice about your appliances. Just select from a link below.
locating model number and serial number on your applianceModel Numbers
Finding your appliance's model number can provide assistance when replacing a variety of special order parts. Use our tips to help locate your

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