Possible MODEL NUMBER locations:

IMPORTANT NOTE: The correct model number will always be located with the serial number. In most cases they are located on a metal or metallic looking sticker in the suggested places below.

example of silver tag on your appliance where you can locate your products model number and serial no.

Dishwasher = Check around the door area. Most are mounted to the tub around the latch area or the side wall.

dishwasher left or right front inside edge

Dryer = Most are located on the door or on the frame where the door closes. May also be located on the back of the control console or on the side panel of the dryer.

dryer on front face with door open

Washer = Check under the lid area. On Sears/Kenmore washers, check under the lid towards the back of the frame area. Almost right above where the water comes out. Other brands put the model number on the backside or top of the control panel. May also want to check the side panels of the washer.

washer on top of control panel, under the lid of compact models, on left side near bottom.

Range/Cooktop = Should be located in the door area or on the frame around the edge where the door closes. For older ranges and stand alone cooktops, the model number should be located either underneath the cooktop below the elements. Some cooktops will require you to look underneath the coutertop. The side portion of the bottom frame is a popular place for new smooth top cooktops.

stovetop cooktop, under right front or left rear surface unit, on right side or back corner under lift-up cooktop, under rear control knob or right front control knob, on the bottom of cooktop

oven/range under left front surface unit, centered or on right side under lift up cooktop, on frame behind oven door, on front of frame behind drawer, on left leg behind storage drawer, broil drawer or kick panel.

Refrigerator = Check around the door area. Many are located on the interior panels inside the refrigerator and freezer. Some can be located behind the grille on the bottom of the refrigerator. Click here to order Refrigerator Parts!

stacked refrigerator on ceiling near front, by temp control, inside wall, behind crisper drawers, bottom front.

side-by-side fridge on ceiling front, on left or right inside wall of refrigerator section near crisper drawers, behind crisper drawers, on bottom of door opening.


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