Before doing any work, pull the plug. Turn off the gas supply at either the appliance shutoff or the main shutoff valve. Should you smell gas, get out of the house immediately and call your gas company.
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Every home, home appliance and system is different as are the problems that can affect them. Accordingly, the tips referenced here are meant only as suggestions to be considered for the listed problems. Appliance Express can not be responsible for any damages arising from any actions or inactions taken pursuant to tips provided herein.

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Electric & Gas Oven/Range Troubleshooting

Kitchen ranges provide heat to the cooktop and oven through electric elements or gas burners. Gas ranges do have some electric features, such as lights, clocks and possibly an electric pilot.

Quick Tips

First check the fuse or circuit breaker.
Make sure the power cord and terminal block on a freestanding range aren't defective.

Problem Potential Solutions
Oven stops self-cleaning.
Make sure the door is locked.
Check for a defective door switch, wiring or thermostat.
Condensation forms inside the oven.
Clean the vent. Clean or replace a dirty air filter.
Check the gasket and door hinge springs to make sure the door closes tightly
Preheat the oven with the door slightly open.
Oven door won't stay shut.
Replace broken hinges or springs.
Oven timer doesn't work.
Time fuse may be blown. Check 15-amp fuse in the timer circuit.
Connections could be loose. Turn the power off and check the other connections for continuity.
The timer may be defective and needing replacement.
Oven can't hold temperature.
Make sure the door gaskets completely seal. Replace if necessary.
Make sure the thermostat is set correctly.
One of the top elements doesn't cook well.
Use flat-bottomed pans that just cover the element.
Could be a defective element, wiring, thermostat or selector switch. Replace if necessary.
Replace a defective timer.
One of the top elements doesn't heat.
Could be a defective element, wiring, terminal block or switch. Check each part for continuity and replace defective piece.
No power reaches the range.
Check the fuse box/circuit breaker.
Unreliable oven temperature.
Faulty oven thermometer or loose calibration screw. Place an accurate oven thermometer in the center of a 350 degree oven. After 20 minutes, check the reading. If it's more than 100 degrees too high or too low, the control will need to be replaced.
If the difference is less than 100 degrees, you can calibrate the control. Take the oven control knob off. The calibration screw should be inside the hollow control shaft or on the back of the knob on a moveable disc. The screw can be tightened or loosened until the temperature reading is correct.

Gas Ranges

Either in the oven or on the control top, a gas burner that doesn't work may lead you to a pilot that has gone out. Gas or electric pilots can be easily relighted (see your owner's manual). A gas pilot that keeps going out should be cleaned and adjusted. Call the Gas Company for help.

The Right Flame

The cooktop or oven burner flame should be blue, bright and steady. If it's inconsistent, change the air-gas ratio by adjusting the burner's air shutter.

Lift off the cooktop to reach the shutter for a cooktop burner.
The oven burner's shutter can be adjusted from the compartment under the oven.
with a jumpy flame, loosen the screw securing the shutter and gradually close it until the flame burns steady.
Gradually open the shutter to get more air if the flame appears a mix of blue, white and yellow.
Tighten the screw when the flame is correctly adjusted.
CAUTION: If you smell gas and the pilots are lighted, get out of the house immediately. Do not turn on any switches. Call the gas company from a neighbor's house.
Unplug the unit if you are working on any electrical parts of the gas range.

Problem Potential Solutions
Surface burner isn't lighting.
The pilot light is out.
The gas isn't on. Call the gas company.
Pilot flame isn't staying lit.
Pilot's port is clogged. Clean the port with a real small wire.
Could be in drafty area. Prevent drafts under the range.
A burner is erratic.
The burner is clogged. Clean the burner ports.
Mixture of air and gas is off. Call the gas company.
Oven stops lighting.
The oven pilot light is out.
Broken thermocouple. Thermocouple would need replacement.
Is the gas on? If not, call the gas company.
Oven isn't heating well.
Wrong mix of gas and air. Call the gas company.
Broken thermocouple. Thermocouple would need replacement.
Uneven baking in oven.
Check the door gasket and replace if necessary.
Clean a clogged exhaust vent.
Thermostat could be malfunctioning. Call the gas company.
Burners are producing soot.
Wrong mix of gas and air. Call the gas company.
Oven door isn't staying shut.
Broken hinge or spring. Replace the defective pan.
You smell gas.
If the pilot is out ventilate the room and relight the pilot.
The gas line could be leaking! Ventilate the room and extinguish all flames. Don't turn on any electric switches. Call the gas company from a neighbor's house.

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